Lakeland’s Stage/Technical Crew: There is a place for everyone! Don’t want to be on stage? Join our crew!!!

Whether you’re building sets, sewing costumes, arranging lights, or running a show from backstage, time on stage crew is a great way to build your practical skills, make new friends and feel part of a team. Lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Everyone is welcome!


Lighting Designer (Working with the Tech Director to make a lighting plan for the show and may involve pointing lights from the “cats”)

Sound Designer (Working with the Tech Director and Director to balance mics and create sound effects and background music)

Construction (Gluing, hammering, etc…)

Painting (base painting and detail work based on knowledge and skill)

Lighting Crew (Following along in the script to change lights when appropriate or running a follow spot)

Sound Crew (Following along in the script to turn mics and/or sound effects on and off when appropriate)

Spot Light Operator (following along in the script and learning to follow actors with a spot light)

Stage Crew (helping to move large set pieces and props on and off stage during performances and rehearsals later in the process)

Student Technical Director (learning multiple disciplines like lights, sound, backstage, etc…)

Making Props (crafting, gluing, looking up ideas online, etc…)

Collecting Props (gathering props that we may have from a list, and doing some online searches for what we do not have, etc…)

Organizing and Cataloging Props (taking pictures of what we have, organizing them in the space we have, etc…)

Organizing and Cataloging Costumes (taking pictures of what we have, cleaning, etc…)

Making Costumes (sewing, crafting, mending, etc…)

Collecting Costumes (online hunting for rentals or costumes to borrow, etc…)

Makeup/Hair (following directions to create pre determined “looks” for actors)